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way of being

Step out of the fast paced world and into a sensory haven renowned for the ultimate relaxation experience.
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Good health in the guise of gorgeous, glowing skin.

Our skin exists as the largest organ of our bodies and wraps the rest of us in a protective layer. At WONDER we treat the body as a whole, with everything going on inside our bodies, good or bad, reflected in our skin.

Beauty and Wellbeing

At WONDER we specialise in feeding and hydrating the skin from the inside out, advocating detoxification and nutritional and complimentary medicine where appropriate. Our clients attest to the effectiveness of our therapies for lasting and life-changing results.


Discover a lasting feeling of relaxation. Massage is not just about pampering yourself - it's a necessity.


Dewy, glowing, breathable skin is the foundation of the Wonder beauty aesthetic.