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Benefits of Colon hydrotherapy.

Colon Hydrotherapy Sydney

10 Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy You Should Know About.

From improving digestion to weight loss - the benefits of colon hydrotherapy are numerous. But how can you know if you need this treatment? Consider colon hydrotherapy if you’re feeling fatigue, constipation, mucus discharge, achy muscles, congestion, or if you’re having a hormonal imbalance, diarrhea, acne, difficulty breathing, insomnia, fuzzy thinking, flu-like symptoms, fevers or weight gain.

Your colon is a waste management station of your body and the average person has between 7-10 pounds of old fecal matter in their colon. Waste on the colon walls creates a breeding ground for parasites, bad bacteria, and viruses – it’s estimated that we are exposed to over 123 toxic chemicals each day.

Colonics flush out built-up waste by rehydrating old stoole that’s become impacted. The ultimate goal is to help digestive organs to do their job in the best way possible and even though this sort of treatment is not needed by every person, some of us can really feel the benefits.

Did you know that the use of water to cleanse tissue through the colon has been practiced since as early as 1500 B.C. in ancient Egypt? Let’s learn more about the reason behind the popularity of this treatment.

#1: Improved digestion

When your digestion is impaired waste products can linger in your body which may lead to the inability to absorb many of the nutrients. This leads to a lack of energy and hampered immune system. As your colon is cleansed, it pushes the waste clearing the way for good nutrient absorption allowing the waste to pass easily.

#2: Preventing constipation

Constipation may cause a sluggish digestive response which can leave waste in the system for a longer time. In this case, the likelihood of hemorrhoids and varicose veins increases. Colon Hydrotherapy can prevent constipation from happening in the first place.

#3: Increasing energy and focus

Cleaning your colon allows energy from the intestines to focus elsewhere which means that your energy levels might improve. Weak absorption of nutrients may lead to loss of concentration but when you have more energy, absorption of the crucial vitamins is improved. So is your focus. A well-functioning colon, therefore, is important for hormonal balance, appetite control, sleep, and mental processing.

#4: Colon Hydrotherapy can help you lose weight

Are you experiencing problems with the ability to feel “full”? Your diet is probably unhealthy because it lacks adequate fiber – these foods tend to linger in the gut. Colon cleansing flushes this matter from the system and it may lead to significant weight loss.

The short-term effect is 5 or more pounds less because that’s the amount of waste the average person carries in the colon. Try combining colon hydrotherapy with a proper diet for the long-term results.

#5: Supporting overall colon health

There are more and more toxins in our food and all of those toxins eventually make their way to the colon. If we let them linger, they can cause damage. Colonics will clean the body of waste; improve digestion, and your gut flora.

#6: Detoxifying your whole body

Our bodies are adept to constant detoxification. However, the combination of environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyle make it hard for our system to catch up. That’s when our bodies show the signs of toxic overload. And that’s when the colon hydrotherapy may detoxify our whole body.

#7: Decreasing the risk of colon cancer

Each and every toxin that gets into our system ends up by being processed by our gastrointestinal system, liver, and kidneys. By cleaning the body waste, we can reduce the causes and risks of cysts, polyps, and cancerous growths in our colon.

#8: Maintaining balance in the bloodstream

If your diet is high-protein with not enough fiber, it’s more than likely that the foods you’re eating are causing colon blockages. Your colon tissue sometimes gets inflamed which reduces its ability to allow only water, minerals and vitamins to pass into your bloodstream. That throws the body’s PH out of balance.

#9: Colon Hydrotherapy can increase fertility

It might. Fat is estrogen-based and if there’s too much fat, a colon that is weighed down by a buildup can press on the uterus and surrounding reproductive organs. Colon hydrotherapy can help you to get rid of the chemicals and toxins that may affect the egg and the sperm. It’s important to follow up your treatment with increased fiber intake and healthier food choices.

#10: Promoting overall well-being

What you might feel after the treatment is the increased energy, lightness, and overall good health. Talk to your health care provider and make sure that you’re a good candidate for this treatment and listen to your body. If you decide to try colon cleansing, make sure you drink plenty of fluids before and after the treatment.

Have you ever had a colon cleanse? What’s your experience? Book an appointment today.