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Before Colonic: What to eat and how to prepare?

Colon Hydrotherapy Sydney

Before Colonic: What to eat and how to prepare?

Did you choose to cleanse your body of built up or toxins? Good for you! Now it’s time to prepare for the big day by learning what to eat, drink and how to make the most out of the treatment.

Some colonic therapist may suggest healing natural treatments but no matter if you had a colonic before or if it has been a while, it’s important to give yourself 3 full days to reintroduce healthier eating and drinking. Your body can be more receptive to colonic hydrotherapy if it had a chance to prepare with dietary changes. Just a little bit of homework in the days prior to your first treatment can make a big difference! Let’s make the most of your investment in colonics and prepare for a great clean out.

What to drink before colonic hydrotherapy?

In the week before your treatment, try to start each morning off with a glass of fresh veggie juice. This is the best way to support your immune system. You should also drink more water in addition to juices because hydration is extremely influential in flushing toxins and improving colon elimination. Aim for two liters of water per day!

There are, however, some beverages you should AVOID. Please refrain from drinking alcohol, soda, seltzer or even sparkling water. You should also stay away from coffee because it’s dehydrating and will counteract all the water you’re drinking.

What to eat before colonic hydrotherapy?

Do eat raw fruits and veggies, lightly steamed low starch vegetables, organic raw nuts, and seeds. Have plenty of omega 3, 6, 9 fatty acids, coconut oils, avocados, and cold-pressed plant oils (olive and sesame oil). You can also eat raw, unpasteurized dairy products from goats or sheep, whole grains, organic chicken and fresh fish.

Foods to refrain from before and after colonics are foods that contribute to poor overall colon health: red meat, cheese, milk, soy products, processed meats and foods, white flours, refined sugar, and fast food.

An example of a menu


- Fresh veggie juice
- Plain steel cut oats and gluten-free bread with mashed avocado


- A green, leafy salad
- Cooked vegetables (steamed, roasted, or sautéed) and a starch of your choice
- Simple dressing (olive oil with a squeeze of lemon)


- A raw salad
- Cooked vegetables and a fish or poultry protein
- If you’re eating starches, do not combine it with protein (chicken with rice, for an example)

On the day of your colonic treatment

Try not to eat anything two hours prior to your treatment for the best results. If your session is scheduled early in the day, simply drink warm water with lemon or veggie juice but if it’s scheduled in the afternoon or evening, juice and salad are the best options.

Don’t smoke and don’t take laxatives. Laxatives irritate the digestive system.

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