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Facial Treatments.

Dewy, glowing, breathable skin is the foundation of the WONDER beauty aesthetic.


Wonder Signature Osmosis Facial

$195 (60 mins)

An hour of nourishing bliss for the ultimate in skin health and hydration achieving beautiful, youthful results. Osmosis is a holistic, medical grade, results driven skincare that works to remodel your skin from the inside out and reverse ageing with a patented delivery system. Begin your treatment with a Deep Cleanse, Enzyme Exfoliation and custom blended Organic Mask. Then delight in the wonder of a Specific Facial Toning Massage and be pampered with Layers of Nutrifying Serums and Light Therapy. Your skin will thank you.

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Wonder Fire and Ice Facial

Man Facial

$195 (60 min)

A specifically designed treat for the man in your life or the man who appreciates being the proud owner of smooth, sexy skin. Enjoy a skin deep double cleanse and enzyme exfoliation and feel your troubles melt away as you experience the world’s best facial massage. Finish with the appropriate mask, serums and moisture. We treat with a man’s unique texture and tone in mind every step of the way. The results will be impressive, trust us.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Mild inflammatory acne, characterized by localized areas of redness and swelling, can usually be successfully treated by a facial spa treatment. To get the best results, you'll have to commit to a series of acne facials but can't rely on facials alone to get your skin clear. To keep the benefits going, you'll need to be consistent with your acne treatment and skin care routine at home.

Rosacea skins tend to be dehydrated, even when there is acne and the skin feels oily. The best way to treat rosacea is by firstly reversing the cause of the dehydration with diet and fluids to begin the anti-inflammatory effect. Regular clinical facial treatments are recommended 2-4 weekly.

It's safe to get a facial while pregnant but you should avoid treatments like microdermabrasion and certain kinds of chemical peels. Microdermabrasion while pregnant isn’t safe because this treatment is likely to scar your extra-sensitive pregnant skin. It can also cause breakouts and uneven results.

Ensure the facial includes a facial scrub/exfoliation, steam & extraction. Microdermabrasion facials will exfoliate some blackheads but a good therapist will be able to remove any other stubborn ones with extraction. Gentle gel peels based on should be sufficient. And don't forget to use a good cleanser at least once daily.

They shouldn't be. They should be relaxing but there are a few uncomfortable moments which are well worth in the end - extractions. That's when your esthetician deep cleans your pores.

Anti-aging facial treatment can be very effective. It all depends on the skill and experience of the esthetician and the quality of the products. Try the Skin Fit Workout Facial at To Wonderland.

Rosiness and a few marks can be expected after some types of facials, but not the rash. Itching, rash-like skin, welts, throat swelling, and coughing are signs of an allergic reaction. If you experience these symptoms, it's important to contact your esthetician immediately.

Hyperpigmentation includes brown patches, marks, and splotches. It can be caused by excessive sun exposure, hormone imbalances, inflammation and injury to the skin. Before you start treating your skin, you need to know what type of hyperpigmentation you have. For early onset, it's recommended to combine low level, gentle peels with light therapy. For sun-induced pigment, choose laser therapy. A hormonal pigment can be managed with a good skincare regime and in-clinic treatments.

Facial Spa Treatments for dry skin can deliver immediate, visible results. Dry skin needs both oil and water to balance it out, so look for facials that include masks, which will help penetrate product into the skin. Opt for the classic facial or a plant stem facial.

It's all about the products that your esthetician uses. Combination skin needs to be treated carefully since the face has both dry and oily tissues. After cleansing, the dry area of the skin is usually massaged and the face is toned with a cold compress.