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Surprising benefits
of massage.

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5 Surprising Benefits of Massage.

We all know that it’s relaxing and healthy, but there are benefits of massage that might come as surprising to you. Did you know that massage can help with PMS? Or that it can boost your workout session?

Before you start making excuses not to let yourself be pampered, take a look at all the reasons you should reward your body with a relaxing massage session.

Benefit #1: Massage boosts immunity

Do you have a feeling that everyone’s catching a cold these days but somehow you’re healthier than ever? You might have to thank your massage therapist. A 2010 study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that massage can boost our white blood cell count which is crucial for defending the body from illness.

Regular massage therapy stimulates white blood production and blood proteins that protect our bodies from tumors, viral infections, and other diseases.
Apart from boosting our white blood cell count, massage therapy often reduces stress.

People who are prone to stress are also prone to sickness but massage therapy can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety and tension.

Benefit #2: Your workouts will improve

Massage can boost your athletic performance! If you decide to visit your therapist before the workout, warming up your muscles will help to loosen them without straining soft tissue. Certain types of massages are even specifically designed to enhance your performance. A sports massage can establish blood flow and properly warm up your muscles before training.

Massage therapy can also help ease the pain after exercise by reducing the inflammation of skeletal muscle. Inflammation is the most often reason behind post-workout aches and pains - a natural way to reduce the swelling.

Benefit #3: No more headaches

Next time a headache hits, put down the medicine and try booking a massage session. It can decrease the frequency and severity of tension headaches in just one session but on a regular basis, it can also reduce the chance of experiencing migraine attacks. Massage relaxes muscle spasms and trigger points but it also eases the pressure brought on during the headaches by helping blood circulation.

Numerous studies found that patients with ongoing migraines experienced a dramatic reduction in headache pain after a massage treatment.

Benefit #4: Clear perspective

Do you know that little voice inside your head that sometimes tells you that you’re not good enough, not smart enough, and not skinny enough or just undermines your self-worth? Getting a great massage can silence that voice.

Massage therapy is a pampering experience and it’s you telling yourself that you deserve to be treated well. You’re sending a subconscious message to yourself which your body can hear loud and clear. And it often rewards you for it by giving you mental clarity.

One minute you’re walking into a massage session dragging a suitcase full of draining energy, and in the other, you’re walking out feeling calm and free. Why is that? Massage releases endorphins and it helps you to distance yourself from the tension which can make problem-solving easier.

Benefit #5: Massage beats PMS

Massage helps to stimulate blood circulation which creates a relaxing effect: symptoms of anxiety, stress, physical exhaustion and nausea in PMS can be reduced. A great massage can banish mood swings, bloating, weight gain, headaches and other uncomfortable symptoms. A study by the Touch Research Institute and University of Miami Medical School found that regular massage therapy eased symptoms of PMS in women age 19 to 45.

The study divided women into two groups and each group was given different therapy; one was exposed to massage therapy and the other group was exposed to progressive muscle relaxation therapy. The researchers found that the first group experienced a reduction in anxiety, depression and the severity of pain.