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What Type of Massage Do You Need?

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You want a massage but you’re unsure which type to choose?

The ideal massage type and technique for you depend on the reason why you need one, but it’s also important to keep in mind your personal preferences.

There are types of massages that can help you if you’re feeling stressed out, if you’re an athlete or if you have painful knots – techniques may differ a lot but one thing that they got in common is the benefits. Each and every type should make you feel better and healthier.

Let’s find the one for you together!

If you’re stressed out.

Sometimes it’s hard for us to realize how big of impact stress has on our lives. Almost everyone experiences on a daily bases and most people get used to it. There’s no need for you to feel tense, anxious, or overwhelmed.

Try choosing a relaxation massage. Your therapist won’t push your pain limits in order to work out “knots”, he/she will gently stimulate sensory nerve endings in the skin. These nerves send transmit messages through your nervous system which cause the brain to release endorphins. You might even fall asleep!

Your nervous system may calm down, your blood pressure may reduce, and your immune system can also improve. What’s the most important thing for this type of massage – your outlook will be more positive. All those negative situations can be looked upon in a healthier perspective when we are relaxed and well pampered.

If you have a headache.

Have you heard about the reflexology? This technique is based on a theory that there are certain points on your hands and feet which are energetically connected to specific organs and body parts. If you already talked with your doctor and can’t find the reason behind your headache, try reflexology.

You may have energy blockages that can be removed. The main goal is to improve the function of your organs by performing gentle strokes. As you’re becoming more and more relaxed, thumb & finger pressure will gradually increase in order to relax specific reflex areas. This type of treatment is not only beneficial for your physical health, but it can also improve your mental and emotional state.

If you’re in pain.

The type of massage you’ll choose depends on the reason behind your discomfort. If you have muscle pain, try therapeutic massage. This massage is a combination of various techniques which all used to increase the level of pressure applied to your body. There might be a certain level of discomfort but it shouldn’t hurt.

Your therapist should always check with you during the treatment and increase or decrease the pressure. This pressure is designed to work on the deep tissue layers and it has an impact on your body flow – it may have a positive impact on lowering blood pressure.

You can also choose this type of massage if you have regular aches and pains due to bad posture or soreness because of the nature of your work.

If you have painful knots.

Try trigger point therapy. It can help get your injured muscle tissue back to a normal state. Your therapist will use his/her thumb, knuckle, or elbow to apply static pressure to the painful points. The most common trigger points are the area between the shoulder blades but you can feel those knots in different parts of your body.

Soft tissue release aids in the removal of toxic metabolic waste and it gives rise to neurological release. This process reduces pain signals to the brain and ultimately resets your system to its optimal function.

Make sure you consult with your doctor first in order to ensure that you’re not suffering any other underlying condition.

If you’re an athlete.

Sports massage is best for preventing and treating the injury but it’s also great for enhancing your athletic performance. Keep in mind that type of massage is not as relaxing as the other forms – the techniques your therapist will use to apply pressure will move at a faster pace and there might be even light stretching included.

It’s designed for pre or post-sports event work but you don’t have to be a professional athlete to get a sports massage. You’ll experience benefits if you’re doing anything that’s outside your normal activity routine.

If you’re pregnant.

First of all, it’s important to speak with your doctor before booking a prenatal massage. If you get a green light – go for it! It may decrease swelling, relieve aches and pains, and ease the physical and emotional stress of pregnancy.

This type of massage is typically done with Mum lying on her side or on her back with a wedge to support the back and knees. Always make sure that your therapist is trained for the prenatal massage! If that’s the case you’ll enjoy pure relaxation.
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