Wonder Reviews and Testimonials: Stories from our customers.

Anonymous ―

I feel elated! My tummy has not felt or looked this good in years. No amount of dieting could have created this result. Finally I have found the answer to my bloated tummy and I could not be more thrilled.

Jennifer ―

Adie and her incredible team of practitioners have me on the road to amazing health. The spa's holistic approach to wellness and beauty is what makes each visit so special. I feel a million times better! Thank you.

Trinity ―

Amazing! The lymphatic massage should be called the transportation massage. Wonderful.. mind, body and soul covered.

Lola ―

I feel like I am floating and I lost 3kg, thank you.

Jodie Midwife ―

Feeling relaxed and refreshed - will definitely be coming back.

Mimi ―

After much travelling in dry Dubai with the wind on my skin and strange things in my belly, I feel fully re-set after a rinse in my tummy and a pampering facial. Hydration Station - To Wonderland.

Nick ―

After a week of daily E3Live shots my sometimes problematic complexion has improved and glows and my emotional mood is significantly better. Feeling much more positive I'm not stressing easily - Less Stress = Great Skin. I can't wait to see the long-term benefits as I continue with my daily shots.

Narinder ―

The Aura-Soma crystal oil gave me the courage to make a decision I knew I had to make. I've felt great, empowered and strengthened by that choice. I never leave home without having used my oil. Love it!!!

Yvonne ―

To Wonderland is my ultimate saving grace. The treatments and unique wellness protocols are not only sumptuously luxurious but also targeted to fix gut, digestion, muscular, stress and skin problems directly. I found such palpable physical and emotional release... To Wonderland has set me free!

Alison ―

Thank you for making me feel like a winner and restoring my self confidence. I feel beautiful because of all of you and that means more to me than a crown.