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At WONDER we specialise in a customised approach and results-driven relaxing treatments.

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Indiba Intimate Care

Boost your confidence from inside out with our wide range of intimate area rejuvenation procedures.With Indiba Deep Care we promote rapid and deep tissue regeneration with visible results from the first session, for a wide range of aesthetic disorders as a result of the passage of time or specific moments in our lives, such as childbirth and menopause. Let our experts guide you through our treatment options and design a package that's right for you.

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Wonder Method

Our skilled therapists combine a range of modalities to produce the best outcome for what you require.

For body shaping and reducing localised fat we employ strong and fast targeted movements, wood therapy and Radio Frequency technology to stimulate the body to eliminate toxins, fluid and fat, encouraging lymphatic drainage and the reduction of cellulite.

-It has a visible slimming effect from the first session.
-Reaffirms, tones and shapes.
-Rejuvenates the skin of the body.
-Stimulates and improves blood and lymphatic circulation.
-Revitalises and reactivates the nervous system.
-Reactivates elastin, collagen and vitamin E production.
-Improves the appearance of flaccidity of the skin and tissue in general.
-Improves muscle tone.
-Lifts the buttocks.
-Reduces fluid retention and eliminates toxins.
-Combats cellulite, leaving the skin smoother.